Recreating the true Wander experience


Branding & Identity

Wander aims to become a Hilton signature rooftop destination, bringing the spirit of travel and wanderlust to different cities around the globe.

An engaging and recognizable bar and lounge for hotel guests and neighbours to escape to throughout the year, Wander seeks to be a dynamic space, highlighting the best of the East and West. 

Brand Identity and Logos

Menu Development

Menu Design and Ordering

The menu is not pretentious menu by any means; it’s fun loving, and there’s a little bit of everything for anyone that comes in the door. Wanderers are foodies and the food/discovery/travel/community aspects will be a core tenet of the model.

Menu Template

Order Form Template


Marketing Messaging

Wander is fun, but not childish, cool but not exclusive. Our words are aspirational and inspiring, but also rooted and reflective of our locale. There is an energy to our sentences, a positivity to our rapport. We are authentic, individual and contemporary. The perfect strategies to truly express the Wander perspective.

Marketing Playbook