Welcome to Wander

Wander brings the world to a rooftop through the individualism of the travelers who frequent it. Wander feels casual, homey, not posed – of a person. Of a wanderer


Signature Rooftop Bar

‘Not all who wander are lost’; a concept inspired by the universal desire to get lost and escape the predictive nature of daily life. 

Travel is propelled by a strong yearning to broaden understandings, challenge assumptions, and see the world in a different way. Intrinsic to many is a longing to discover what exists outside known realms and to embrace that moment of seeing something new for the first time.

Wander takes inspiration from the creativity and spirit of this idea: to create a perfect environment where guests can unwind and socialize with like-minded and unique individuals.

Wander is the organic movement from place to place. Wander is a connection to a larger world.

Concept Statement

Easts Meets West

Through design, menu, music, and environment, Wander makes a global statement about the fusion of cultures. Wander celebrates the blending of influences from east and west in a refined, thoughtful way.

In an earlier era, the Old World ventured East in search of new horizons and discovery. Today, the flow of travel and connection moves in every direction. Cultural and culinary practices continue to transfer and blend with new places and old traditions.

We are no longer poles or meridians apart – we come into contact with people from around the globe daily, and in the process we absorb, integrate, and adopt. We are born with a core and layer on what is new and what is found.

Wander is a perfect manifestation of this philosophy. Its core is recognizable as a globalist sophisticate’s residence. Layered into this are collections, curated art, unique objects, and spirits from near and far.

Concept Attributes


  • Globalist Modernist Style with a Residential Feel 
  • Mid-century inspired furnishings 
  • Indoor-Outdoor integration
  • Subtle references to longitudinal / latitudinal lines, map pin points 
  • Eclectic art collections
  • Warm hues & materials 
  • Polished 
  • Natural textures such as linen and leather


  • Shareable social dishes
  • East/West dichotomy
  • Exotic / Classic Cocktails
  • Signature Cocktail Explosions
  • Wine and beer collections
  • Draft and bottled beers from east & west
  • Casual & creative
  • Emphasis on quality ingredients
  • Beautifully styled


  • Casual and Friendly
  • Knowledgeable
  • Inclusive, not exclusive
  • Chatty and light
  • Mutli-cultural, city dwellers
  • Professional but not meticulous
  • Entertaining
  • Engaging


  • Rooftop Bar
  • Club style feel without barriers
  • Mixed entertainment space
  • Eclectic and experiential 

Menu Strategy

Shareable Global Cuisine

The menu is made up of signature dishes from around the globe - playfully viewed as East and West. Dishes are inspired by a fellowship of chefs from destinations far and wide as well by each city’s local traditions. 

The East-West menu is intended to be fun and playful, but not fusion. Rather, dishes should play with crossover in formats or techniques that maybe swap a key ingredient here and there. 

The menu ethos should always be one of discovery for the chef and the team. Dishes should be pure, offering well-defined flavors extracted from few ingredients that are often healthful and wellness-driven.

The menu is not pretentious; it is fun and playful, with a little bit of everything for anyone that comes up to the roof. 

Guests will never leave feeling like they couldn’t find something that feels made just for them.

Beverage Strategy

Dueling Mixologists

The beverage strategy at Wander centers around a play on the East/West rivalry, with “dueling” mixologists that develop concoctions that are vastly different, but equally compelling. 

The Eastern Bar is vibrant and colorful, emphasizing bursts of flavor and a playful whimsy. With drinks that are inspired by Polynesia and Japan, Thailand and Lebanon, Kenya and India—focus is placed on spices, tropical fruits and dramatic but elegant presentations.

The Western Bar is classic and refined, a grown up menu presented with unusual twists and modern-leaning flavor profiles. The menu feels edgy, but restrained - easily recognized, but innovative and intriguing.

The overall drinks program is one that is sophisticated, highly compelling and worth discovering.

Beverage Feature Program

Omakase Cocktails

There’s a small but persistent trend developing in bars towards cocktail omakase – derived from the theatrical and intimately personal experience at high-end sushi restaurants where you relinquish control and the chef creates a surprise tasting of the night’s dishes. At bars like New York’s Amor y Amargo and L.A.’s The Walker Inn, selecting the omakase option will get you a series of drinks over the course of your evening, essentially taking you on a journey of the bartender’s creation.

The idea is a natural extension of several things we’ve already seen, including the Bulletin Place style of changing the menu daily based on seasonal ingredients, the “bartender’s choice” option now a staple of good cocktail bars, and Speakeasy Group’s cocktail degustations (differing from the latter in that it’s more about the drinks than pairing with food, and you don’t need to book a whole table).


A Traveler's Residence

Designed in classic Le Corbusier colors that are warm and metropolitan, Wander is dynamic and highly engaging due in large part to its wonderful collections – photos, books, wines, objects, art, music.

Wander plays on the contrast and synergy of East and West, both blurring and highlighting the beauty of both sides of our planet. The arrival to Wander is notable. Etched concrete walls, muted but highly compelling, give way to a bar saturated with warmth and intoxicating vibrancy.

The space is divided into a variety of cozy seating areas, enlivened by art, collections and greenery. Music fills the space from the music room where a resident DJ creates that sense of discovery through world music – from Italy to India – music that is similar in its genres, young, fresh and popular.


Music Program

The music program is dedicated to scouring playlists of great cities to discover singer and songwriters who are talented and beloved at home or in regional markets.

New globalism means that the center of the world does not exist – there are many centers. Even music from traditional mega commercial labels are also undergoing a change with more artists selling directly or publishing via smaller labels.

Wander is about discovery and curation and the Wander music program is naturally an extension of that.