Design & Construction

Wander aims to become a Hilton signature rooftop
destination, bringing the spirit of travel and wanderlust
to different cities around the globe

A Series of Curated Spaces

Design Ethos

Wander feels like a global traveler’s open-air residence that is full of multitudes – a collection of objects and mementos gathered over time from all around the world.

Wander is a clubhouse for today's nomad, richly textured and always warm. Human in its approach, each rooftop space should feel organic in design and in flow. Materials are natural and colors and textures reminiscent of earth and travel - leather, woven textiles, linen, wood, terracotta, caramel, amber.

Layered into each Wander are those elements that connect it to its home city - accessories, art, furniture, fabrics. The collections that are layered in thought and in complexity, coming together to create a place of wonder – a space to Wander.

Signature Elements

Dynamic Travel Art

Each Wander should feature travel-oriented art that comes to life in a myriad of different formats and styles.

Digital formats allow for Wanderers to curate a frame for a particular time period, highlighting their travels. This can be developed with bloggers and journalists and can be used to showcase new destinations and places to explore.

Signature Elements


Another signature Wander feature is its myriad of collections. Each Wander will showcase its own particular collection of items related to its host city, to travel, to art or unique objects that add depth and texture to the space.

The menu should play a part in cultivating this collection ethos. Collections of glassware, service pieces, elixirs, spirits, and wine should feel purposeful and a cohesive part of the Wander experience.

Key Features and Spaces

Collector's Room/Semi-Private Space
  • A great social space
  • A natural, residential feel 
  • Guests can be comfortable alone or in groups
  • A place to wind down with a book or magazine
The Music Den
  • Where space allows, create an acoustically sound room
  • Highlighting a collection of vinyls 
  • Space for live entertainment
  • The music style is global but modern
Modular Installation/Structure
  • Each Wander should include a modular structure and/or installation piece/s. 
  • Used for a variety of activations 
  • Keeps the venue dynamic
  • Creating these elements as part of the original ID process, ensures they integrate well and reduce additional costs by including it as part of the design package.
Outdoor Living Room
  • Continue with the same indoor residential feel
  • Outdoor furnishings are modern and neutral
  • Neo-colonial in spirit and enhanced with the terra color palette
  • Whimsical features add to the outdoor charm
  • Sharing swings and mini living rooms are great for couples or groups
Outdoor Bar
  • Where space allows, a second bar can be added outdoors
  • Can be a perma-fixture or a modular structure depending on the venue

Sense of Arrival

The entrance is simple and architectural, neutral and modest. It is based on embossed concrete or gypsum with imprints of maps, longitudinal /latitudinal lines, map points and other related mapping tools. Stepping into the space, two key features are the classic wall mural or wallpaper of an exotic setting and the moulded luggage style wall, as well as a rotating selection of travel related photography.

The Living Room

Eclectic furnishing and accessories add to the notion that this space belongs to a traveler/collector. Wander is a place that transitions easily from day to night. During the day, it’s a relaxed space with a casual clubhouse feel. At night, the atmosphere is dimmed to create a space that is warm, sensual and full of mystery and discovery.

Dual Bar

The bar has two sides, organic in style and can suit indoor or outdoor spaces. The wood tones warm the space and make it feel residential. The terra cotta tones are complemented by brass and amber. A variety of materials – glass, leather, metal, textile –all play a role. The dual bar refers to the duality between the east and the west in cocktails, whiskeys and beers. Two bar tenders dueling, serving up their best concoctions in a taster menu of Japanese mini cocktails.

The Collector's Room

This is a library with high end travel books , photo books , beautiful city guides & collections of curated travel memorabilia

It is a place to read a book or newspaper
A place to work
A place to disconnect

The Music Den

Where space allows, an acoustically sound
music room can be created, highlighting
a collection of vinyls as well as live entertainment. 
The music style is global but modern.



The Washroom

The bathrooms take a cue from the interiors and are made interesting through a curated selection of art travel images set into a panel or a collection of photos.